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Cat dress for Blythe doll *Colorful cats* outfit


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Grey striped socks, stockings, leggings for Blythe doll pure neemo body


Item collection 0c084e12 29c8 4a79 8bf8 9ece32e81913

OOAK dress for Petite Blythe *Golden cat* silk


Item collection 1fcf87bb 22c7 4fed a7c9 c86698d6ab6e

OOAK pure silk dress for Blythe doll *Petite princesse* hand embroidered


Item collection 5a59c419 10a2 4441 b749 8b870f5323b2

OOAK pure silk dress for Blythe doll *the silk clover* long sleeves


Item collection 859ace0c 06fd 4ece a958 8250d47aa206

OOAK pure silk dress for Blythe doll *Bohemian rhapsody*


Petite Apple

Welcome to my store for Blythe customs and original OOAK doll outfits.

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