Antique dress for Wren and Middie Blythe


Petite Blythe custom doll - Primrose by Petite Apple #19


Wren's Red/white/grey thin striped stockings for Bbflocking Cricket dolls


Roller skates for Blythe dolls - cowhide handmade + extra wheels


Blythe doll kitty cat shoes with ankle strap for Azone neemo body - BLACK


Sugar Mountain Art shorts, T-shirt and hat


Sugar Mountain Art Overalls, Tie Dye Tee Shirt, Striped Socks, Knitted Scarf, Corduroy Bag and more


Blythe doll OOAK dress- *Holiday princess* pure linen long sleeves


Blythe doll OOAK dress- *Au revoir* pure silk and antique lace


Petite Apple

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