I've been a graphic designer for 27 years while also working with dolls for over ten. I began with sculpting art dolls, repainting and customizing BJDs and then I slowly merged to focus on Blythe in 2013. I started sewing in 2014 and all my outfits are original ideas and patterns I developed myself. I strive for excellent quality and service. I use special fabrics and laces, mostly vintage and antique (100+ years old) from Italian/French sources.
I created about 3000 outfits to date and each one is different and original.
I don't duplicate my outfits but you are welcome to ask for a similar one to my previous work.

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Apple in our backyard
Autumn and Apple
Oro and Apple with the shoe collection
Fairy outfits
OOAK painted boots

Petite Apple

Welcome to my store for Blythe customs and original OOAK doll outfits.

I normally update this store a few times a month.
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