I'm a graphic artist who plays with dolls.
I haven't decided yet what I like to do best so I do everything :-)
I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, customizing dolls, pottery, miniatures, dollhouses, gardening, cooking, photography..... not necessarily in any order of preference. I just love everything and I have restless hands.

My real profession (and only constant in my life) is designing and manufacturing artistic rubber stamps for my own company (since 1991!). You can see it on cherrypieartstamps.com.

Since I was a child I never wanted to be anything other than an artist, but the "starving artist" profession was not in my parents plans for me so I never took an art class in my life. This never put me off and art has fed me well all through my adult life.
I'm totally self taught and I do my artwork by following my heart and instincts rather than rules.
My dolls and paintings have been published in many books and magazines around the world. A couple of years ago I realized how cute Blythe dolls can be (after customizing) and now that's what I mostly do during my spare time. I even learned to sew for them and I always hated sewing before!

I have a Flickr gallery at www.flickr.com/photos/marilenz
and Pinterest boards on pinterest.com/marilenz

Apple in our backyard
Autumn and Apple
Oro and Apple with the shoe collection
Fairy outfits
OOAK painted boots

Petite Apple

Welcome to my store for Blythe customs and original OOAK doll outfits.

I normally update this store a few times a month.
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